Sorry for the unexpected intermission

This song has little to do with what I am going to write, but it makes the wheels of “Any Other Time” move a little after such an absence of content.  That absence is something I just wanted to say a quick thing about.

Last week, the arthritis in my hands flared up pretty badly making it impossible for me to do anything requiring fine motor control.  Slowly, they have been returning to normal but have been tiring very quickly.  Last night, played a game at a bar involving drawing monsters and I feel like maybe things are close to normal.  So, in the waning days of this month my aim will be to keep this blog filled with regular posts to finish out this months theme.

I know they don’t fit very much with what “Any Other Time” is trying to do, but here are the monsters I drew as a bonus:


About Nick K.

Nick is just some dude. He likes comics, pizza, tabletop rpgs, and secrets. He is also a bit shy.
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