A few thoughts before I post my last interview for the month

First is this segment of Radiolab’s episode on symmetry including a part where Robert retells this story “from Plato, by way of Aristophanes.”

And then there are these quotes from “The Dispossessed” by Ursula LeGuin.  The first comes from page 50 in the copy I own:

“Shit,” said Gimar in her mild voice.  “Having’s wrong, sharing ‘s right.  What more can you share than your whole self, your whole life, all the nights and all the days?”

While here is a much longer passage starting three pages later, running from p. 53-54:

Certainly he had felt that he owned Beshun, possessed her, on some of those starlit nights in the Dust.  And she had thought she owned him.  But they had both been wrong; and Beshun, despite her sentimentality, knew it; she had kissed him goodbye at last smiling, and let him go.  She had not owned him.  His own body had, in its first outburst of adult passion , possessed him indeed–and her.  But it was over with.  It had happened.  it would never (he thought , eighteen years old , sitting with a traveling acquaintance in the truck depot of Tin Ore at midnight over a glass of sticky fruit drink, waiting to hitch a ride on a convoy going north), it could never happen again.  Much would happen, but he would not be taken off guard a second time, knocked down, defeated.  Defeat, surrender had its raptures.  Beshun herself might never want any joy beyond them.  And why should she?  It was she, in her freedom, that set him free.


About Nick K.

Nick is just some dude. He likes comics, pizza, tabletop rpgs, and secrets. He is also a bit shy.
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